My endometriosis was initially diagnosed as IBS

I knew that I wasn’t well — something wasn’t right. I felt increasingly worse, and began planning my life around when I would get my period. The week before became hell, the day it arrived was the culmination of the pain would cripple me. If I had a client obligation that day, I would take pain pills I had left over from a few foot surgeries in the recent past. What would I do when those ran out? I rationed them because of my experience in finding help. I was literally desperate.

My story is one of misdiagnosis, my endometriosis was initially diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and when the medication for IBS did nothing, I found another doctor who thought I had divaticulitus, but that treatment also did not address the pain. I then began to have problems with my bladder — feeling urgency and feeling pressure constantly. I went to a urologist I’d seen in the past. he put me through the usual painful tests, including a cystoscopy… nothing there. He was determined to figure out what was wrong and sent me for an MRI: BINGO. A urologist discovered my endometriosis.

I thought my problem was solved: all I have to do is treat the endo… surely with millions of women effected, there was routine care, a “cure”. I could not have been more wrong.

Initially, I went to my regular GYN who gave me Motrin and told me millions of women have this condition (and unspoken was “buck up”). Then I sought out a “specialist” who told me that the only way to deal with this condition would be a complete hysterectomy, but at 45 I didn’t want to lose my ovaries and take hormone replacement. I wanted to age naturally. Why should I be deprived of these natural processes? And for another year, I suffered tremendously, missing celebrations with friends, family occassions and work regularly because I was in too much pain.

Then a new symptom appeared: what I thought was a backache. I thought that I hurt my back by lifting a heavy suitcase during the usual stress of business travel. The back ache was so severe, I missed a very important firm event with a vice chair because I literally couldn’t get out of bed. When I realized it was another endo symptom, I began doing my own research. It wasn’t long into Googling that I found Dr. Tamer Seckin.

At my first visit, Dr. Seckin not only confirmed what it took a urologist to find, but spoke to me about endo as no other doctor had. He understood exactly what I was going through and he explained to me as no one else had, what my body was experiencing, and how his laproscopic procedure would change my life.

I’m a different person, or rather, I feel like myself again. I’m back! The surgery changed my life — I can live fully and freely, without the chronic pain that made me feel 20 or 30 years older, drained my energy and stiffled my stamina.

Don’t suffer one more minute. Don’t let the medical community shuffle you from one doctor to another with no resolution of the problem. Don’t treat the symptoms any more: get rid of the problem. Dr. Seckin has tremendous experience, compassion and empathy. You can change your life right now by making an appointment for consultation with Dr. Tamer Seckin. Don’t wait — free yourself from pain. Go to see Dr. Seckin and claim your life back.

Carolyn C.

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