My Endometriosis Surgery for Frozen Pelvis

My desperate search for true relief from a life of endometriosis ended when Dr. Seckin echoed the words, “I like your offer. I think we can help you.” 

This is a big deal to one to have a doctor who hasn’t personally met or treated you say this, but his compassion shined through in the fact that he not only personally addressed me as the endometriosis sufferer, but he kindly took the time to talk directly to my husband, who has been an indirect victim of this disease.

My life with endometriosis

I was a nurse who could no longer work because of the rapid determination of her health due to endometriosis for the past year and a half. And my husband was struggling to find work in a depressed economy.  We had no money, no insurance, and no hope. My left kidney was failing and I was in constant pain, to say the least. 

I had seen countless doctors across the country from Arizona to Florida who continuously told us there was nothing they could do for me. I’ve had nine surgeries and no relief. I sacrificed my ability to have offsprings to a hysterectomy, suffered the side effects of a dozen medications, lived on pain medication, and lost the life I once had.

I am back thanks to Dr. Seckin!

We are eternally grateful to Dr. Seckin and his associates Dr. Ansari and Dr. Brohderson for being willing to take my case and donate their specialized skills on behalf of my family, and me while at the same time respecting my religious beliefs. They truly went beyond the borders of awareness. They saw a need and fulfilled it.

Today, I may be a bit sore from surgery. But I feel a wonderful absence of that particular endometriosis pain and fatigue. I feel a deep sense of power though weak from recovery. Watch out world. Mel is back!

Melanie R.

West Palm Beach, Fl

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