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I am 32-year-old woman who has suffered with endometriosis since the age of 14. For many years I’ve lived with excruciating pain and was desperate enough to try medications from Lupron to Percocet, various forms of birth control, and any procedure with the promise of curing my symptoms and pain. Relief if any was temporary and eventually my pain would return and grow progressively worse. I have undergone numerous treatments and three surgeries. My last surgery was still unsuccessful and a nodule was discovered in my rectum that doctors said could not be removed. I began to accept that my chances of having children and living life normally were unrealistic.  

I found Dr.Seckin during an internet search and read about his successes with endometriosis patients and felt compelled to give a doctor one last shot. When I met Dr. Seckin, he made me feel comfortable and safe and after a thorough examination and review of my medical history, he was confident he could help me. He asked many questions but also shared a lot about the surgery he was recommending including the risks involved but also the possibility of a cure. 

Several weeks ago, Dr.Seckin, Dr. Heymann, and their team of professionals performed my surgery which involved cyst removal, ovary, and fallopian-tube treatment along with bowel reconstruction. For the first time since I can remember, I can say that I’ve experienced pain-free days and although the recovery process will take time and i’m not out of the woods yet, I am thankful to Dr.Seckin, Lucy, Kim and the rest of the staff for being so caring, kind, and professional and for providing me a new found hope. It is refreshing to know that doctors like him are still out there.


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