Michele’s Endometriosis Story

Today, after leaving the park with the kids, I went home to continue the day. I decided it was okay to remove from my purse a prescription of Percocet, Tylenol 3 and Thermacare heat wraps. All without fear! That fear that at any time, I could be in pain. Gratitiude and relief are not even close to what I am feeling. I am still searching for the right words to describe this. At any time, I could have pain totally ruin my day. I had a play date for my youngest (4-years-old). I had to ask my neighbor (who was not at my house at this time) to drive this child home. I could not longer take care of the two kids, including my own. This was an unpredictable event, so my life was limited.

I would like to back up and give you more information on getting to this point. 10 years ago, Dr. Reich had done my 4th surgery for endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I had 3 others with my primary gyn. Suffering as long back as when I was about 16-years-old with this, the cyst returning from two months to two years later. I knew I needed help. Dr. Reich did extensive surgery for six hours. Besides all the endo he removed to free my bladder and intestines, which caused years of constipation. Also, I had three miscarriages by this time. Dr. Reich helped me have my two beautiful healthy children, eight and four years now. My disease is so stubborn It returned 10 years later.

Then I met Dr. Seckin. The first time I met him, I knew he was the other doctor to help me. I was told by my regular GYN. I can have a hysterectomy, but they were not able to do what these doctors can accomplish. Not laporascopically that is for sure. Dr. Seckin was very busy that day. He came from another office and was right away explains how many woman are improperly diagnosed with this disease. I completely understood having lived some of that. Unfortunately, it is worse for minorities. His determination and compation for woman and this disease sold me before we completed the exam. When he looked at me through ultrasound, he was a little shocked as to how bad it was. Not to his surprise. With all his experience I knew he could help me the way it needed to be done. I wanted this laporascopically done. I do not want to have to take replacement hormonal drugs. I want my ovaries. I am 41 and am anticipating menopause naturally. No more risks of cancer than needed. I feel like I have dodged a many bullets. Cancer is always a risk following this disease. I am writing this to thank Dr. Reich and Dr. Seckin for my life back. Dr. Seckin did extensive surgery this January. I am so grateful and feel good again! My kids need me and my energy (if I want to keep up with them). This is a disease that affects many, and woman need to know they have options. Good options for their health. There are doctors who care and do great things for woman. I don’t know how I would feel mentally and physically without their help. Thank you for all you do.

With love from me and my family,
Michele C.

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