Mary’s Endometriosis Story

Dr. Seckin Patient Testimonial:

When I first came to see Dr. Seckin, in 2010, I had been tolerating extreme period cramps, and aching throughout my body each and every month. I had seen multiple gynecologists who only gave me two options 1: Go back on the birth control pill, which I had been off of for a couple of years, and did not wish to go back on. Not because I was trying to get pregnant, but because I felt better off of it, generally. While on the pill I also felt the cramps and achiness, and was constantly switching dosage levels and brands, as per my gynecologist, which in turn left me moody as well. 2: Take Naproxen at the onset of the symptoms every 12 hours until the symptoms subside. I knew this wasn’t all that could be done. It couldn’t be. So, I “googled” one day, “endometriosis specialist” and found Dr. Seckin. I researched endometriosis further, as my previous gynecologist had previously “uncomfortably” diagnosed me with it, stating that the only way to know for sure was to do exploratory surgery, and that it was not warranted at all in my case. I read the testimonials on Dr. Seckin’s website, and thought “wow, minimally invasive surgery … and these women are feeling amazing?!” So I made an appointment and had a consultant, and exam, where Dr. Seckin explained to me that as far as he could tell I was in stage 1, but very symptomatic (clearly). He explained how he could see some formations of endometriosis on the ultrasound, etc, which did confirm I had some endometriosis. Still, I thought I could tough it out. I thought maybe I did not have a high pain threshold … I was only in stage 1, after all. So I went another 2 years or so and did my annual exams at my regular gynecologist, and took naproxen, and toughed through it, until it really began affecting my sex life much more than it was. I was having terrible pain and cramping during and after intercourse and it became like playing a game of Russian Roulette, which is not healthy mentally or for a relationship. I’d had enough, and went back to see Dr. Seckin, who recommended the surgery to me again.
My surgery took about 3 hours and I recovered within a week. I was back at work 3 days after my surgery, only having to take 2 days off and make it a long weekend. I am now about 2 months post-op and am feeling much better. I have barely a noticeable scar from the surgery, and it was very very much worth it. Endometriosis is commonly hereditary, and it so happens that my mother and my maternal aunt had it as well. Though it was only found when they went to have hysterectomy’s, after other symptoms and complications. My mother’s endometriosis was so bad that it had spread throughout her abdominal cavity and essentially glued her organs together, so that she could not have the hysterectomy, which she had needed. However, my mother didn’t present with the symptoms that I did. I didn’t have to tough it out as long as I did. I questioned my tolerance for pain and let a small fear of surgery dissuade me from letting Dr. Seckin take care of this problem sooner … but I’m feeling much better now, and very grateful for his diagnostic and surgical skills.

Thank you, Dr. Seckin!

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