Living with constant pain and suffering from endometriosis

Living with constant pain and suffering from endometriosis sounds extreme, but sadly that’s the life a person with endometriosis lives. Going to the ER just because the pain is so bad walking or simply standing is tough.

My journey to finding a pain free life has been long, seven years long. In 2009, I was experiencing a sharp pain on my left side during my period. I found a GYN physician who told me that I had an ovarian cyst and that I should go on birth control pills. This helped, as my pain was temporarily relieved and a year and a half later I got married and went off the pill. I was clear, cyst free.

Exactly one month later my husband rushed me to the ER. They had informed me that my cyst had erupted and had to be removed. After my surgery, I was told it was a chocolate cyst and that my surgery was a success. That was it. No mention of endometriosis. I was released the next day only to end up back in the ER.

I had a stomach infection, my bowel collapsed and my potassium had all depleted. I was in the hospital for eight days. I kept complaining of pain around my lower stomach- the inguinal canal. The surgeons told me it was a blood clot and that it would go away. It never did.

About two years ago, my new gynecologist suggested I go on Lupron. He told me this would help get rid of my endo and be a pain-free form of treatment. It helped for three months, but then I was back to having the same twisting sharp pain.

A year ago I was back in the hospital. The doctors could not understand why I had an infection that they could not find on my CT scans. I tried to explain that I have a history of endometriosis but the doctors turned a deaf ear toward everything I was saying. Once I got out of the hospital, my gynecologist helped me find another doctor who could treat me.

Living with constant pain and suffering from endometriosis
Living with constant pain and suffering from endometriosis

I saw seven doctors. They all said they could do the same one thing: remove my tubes and ovaries. One doctor even told me that he wanted to remove my uterus as this was the first stage of ovarian cancer. I was so scared and uneasy. I knew somehow this was not what I needed. The eighth doctor was from Columbia University. She told me that she could remove the tubes and then could try to clear up most of the endometriosis around my stomach. At this point, I was exhausted, tired and just wanted to get some help.
But I guess life somehow managed to let me know that there is a doctor out there, one that understands my condition.

After spending a full day searching for doctors, I came upon Doctor Seckin’s website. I knew this was the doctor for me. His website had a ton of information. He only dealt with endometriosis cases.

I called to get an appointment and soon discovered I would have to wait a while before I could go in to see him. This showed me that so many other women were suffering from this same horrid disease. The question I began to ask and still ask to this day is, “why is there so little information available about this disease?” 

My first appointment with Dr. Seckin was so different from any other doctor out there. When you walk into his office, you are his ONLY patient. He makes you feel safe, secure and actually understands your suffering. He genuinely wants to help. He was direct, straight to the point and immediately had a plan of action. My surgery was scheduled for a month later. 

My husband and I thought it would be okay to take a quick trip to Montreal before the surgery. Unfortunately, my disease decided to take a turn. I ended up in a hospital in another country! I was able to get home and two weeks later I was back again in pain. 

Dr. Seckin wasted no time, he sent me to the hospital. Tests were ordered, doctors lined up and he bumped up my surgery for a few days earlier. I knew his schedule was crazy busy, yet he still took his time with me. He visited me in the hospital every day and had his residents check up on me several times throughout the night and day before my surgery.

The day of my surgery, right before the anesthesia could be administered, Dr. Seckin talked to me the whole time. Noticing my nervousness, he assured me I was in good hands and that I would be well soon. Once again….he made me feel like I was his only patient. 

The first morning after my surgery was the first morning in over a year that I was not woken up by the regular sharp twisting pain that made my life a misery. Instead, I had a smile on my face. 

Dr. Seckin came to see me dressed in his scrubs the next day. He had more surgeries to perform and yet he took the time to come and see me to make sure I was all good. He even joked with me and was glad to see me feeling better.

I am now two weeks pain-free. I have a constant smile on my face. My friends and family who have visited me, point out that I look good for somebody who just had an over 6-hour surgery. That is because Dr. Seckin gave me back my life. A painless, happy life.

I wish more doctors would take the time to learn from Dr. Seckin. I feel truly blessed to have Dr. Seckin as my doctor. There are no words that I could ever use to describe the gratitude I have for him. He gave me hope and I pray that any women suffering from this disease can find a way to Dr. Seckin’s office, like the way I did.

Menoka M – Age 34.

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