Kim’s Endometriosis Surgery

Dear Dr. Seckin,

I wanted to write you a letter as a follow up to our most recent visit because, my wife Kimberly and I are so thankful for all that you have given us. When we first began on the journey to parenthood, we had learned of Kim’s aggressive endometriosis. It was a very difficult three year period leading up to the point where we met you in May of 2012. As if the catastrophic loss of the twins and the life threatening tubo-ovarian abscess my wife sustained were not enough reasons to be very pessimistic about the chances of ever becoming parents, the month before we met you, we were told that her last remaining ovary was to be removed, which ended our love affair with the notion of having our own children. We were both devastated, but more importantly, the realization that our journey of parenthood was over because of endometriosis was very hard to accept.

One afternoon, Kim told me that she felt like she had determined who one of the world’s leading experts on endometriosis was. She explained that a physician named Tamer Seckin, who practiced in New York City, was the person who would offer the second opinion before moving forward with the primary reproductive specialist’s conclusion to remove the last functioning ovary. As a husband, I could not bear to decline such a request knowing the conviction she exuded in a seemingly final quest to have a chance to try to be a parent of her own child. When she came home after your visit, she said she met you, and you confirmed that hope was not gone. It was an amazing time in our household. We understood that the notion of being parents was possible because of what we felt you could achieve. You had told my wife that you could fix the entire situation and give us a chance, and that is what you did. As I sat in the waiting room at Lenox Hill Hospital, I thought of all the things that my wife and I went through, of all the bad news we’d received throughout the years, and how it all came down to a singular moment; the endometriosis surgery. To this day, I will never forget your congratulations.

When we met with you during our post-operation visit, you said that the opportunity for us to attempt to have a child was both narrow and brief, but nonetheless an opportunity to be cherished. I am happy to tell you that my wife and I are parents to a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl. We wake up every day knowing that she is a true miracle and that we have you to thank. I am not entirely sure if you are a religious person, but regardless I think we should lend ourselves to the fact that sometimes, things happen that are beyond scope of medical science and academic protocol; a miracle if you will. You accomplished something that, if my wife and I had a say in it, would be comparable to a life’s work. Your expertise was the catalyst for the most unlikely and impossible outcome, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts sincerely. For this surgery, you seemingly had to pursue perfection. Although the notion of perfection is realistically unattainable, it was something that you had to pursue. I now know that the reason why you pursued it was because you knew you would not obtain it. You knew that you would not arrive to perfection, because it is not a destination. However, you knew that in your pursuit of perfection, you would find excellence along the way, and excellence is what it would take to be successful in a situation where you wanted to help two loving people and afford them a chance to try to have their own baby. Thank you for the gift you’ve given my wife and I. Thank you for the excellent medical care you provided. We are so happy there is a place in this world where people who suffer from the same complications can find answers to their questions and amazing medical care with you at Lenox Hill!

Bob and Kim

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