Just Two Small Words to Express so much Gratitude

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Dear Dr.Seckin,

I hope you are well. I have almost recovered fully from the operation. I just wanted to say Just two small words to express so much gratitude.

Just Two Small Words to Express so much Gratitude

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(Endo)metriosis, like any disease, is never just about the disease itself, but the havoc it wreaks on your life. It is the fact that “nothing lasts forever”….except for this disease, incurable and terrorizing. And for those of you who do not experience severe endo, I would never wish it upon you. It is also most likely that if you are reading this, then you do have serious endo and have asked, “who can I trust?…with my disease, my pain, my health, my life?”


I have been lucky that up until age 25, I have not had any medical problems and even my period, which began at age 13, was always like a breeze – no pain, no heavy bleeding. I was athletic, happy, and worry-free.  As I turned 24, I noticed that I started to feel quite nauseous during period (still no pain though). Progressively, nausea started to expand beyond the period and I could feel sick for the entire month. At the same time, I start to feel exhausted easily. I was diagnosed with anxiety based on these “physical symptoms”. 

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