It is amazing what a good surgeon can do… it just took me a while to find him and I am very thankful for that

After having 2 prior laparscopic surgeries for endometriosis I found myself in extreme pain yet again! I was rushed to emergency in January, 2013 where a cyst burst on my right ovary. I was determined to find a a doctor who was an experienced skilled endometriosis specialist and I finally found him.

When I met with Dr. Seckin, he was extremely sensitive to what I was experiencing and knew exactly what he needed to do prior to surgery. My only concern was my health insurance coverage. After discussing these concerns with him he assured me that regardless of my insurance issues he would take care of me and not to worry. I thought this is too good to be true!

I had my 3rd surgery in May, 2013 where Dr. Seckin was able to remove all of the endometriosis which was in Stage 3 and also located in my bowel area.

It has been almost 4 months post surgery and I’m feeling like a normal person. It is amazing what a good surgeon can do, it just took me awhile to find him and I am very thankful for that. His staff Kim and Lucy were remarkable and very accommodating to my needs. Thanks to you all, especially Dr. Seckin.

Many thanks.

Patrice M.

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