I searched endlessly on the Internet for an answer until I found Dr. Seckin.

I am 23-years-old and from South Florida. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis after finding an endometrial (or chocolate) cyst in my ovary. I went on to have a cystectomy to remove the cyst and also had my endometriosis fulgurated (burning technique). I noticed right after the surgery that I did not feel any relief whatsoever. My doctor at the time instructed me to keep my birth control pills continuously to only get my menstruation every 3 months. This plan did not work for me, and my pains were intolerable. I suffered in silence for many years and thought that the fulguration would be the solution to relieve my pain. When I noticed that the pains only got worse after my first surgery I sought out for a specialist’s opinion.

I searched endlessly on the internet for an answer until I found Dr. Seckin. I immediately made an appointment to visit him in NYC. It was the greatest decision I have made regarding my health in a long time. He took his time explain to me my disease and what he could do to help relieve my pain. He suggested laparoscopic surgery to actually remove endometriosis by cutting, which made more sense to me than burning. The surgery was a great success! I did not even need to spend the night in the hospital. I woke up the morning after with no intense pain whatsoever. I did not even need to take painkillers, regular over-the-counter ibuprofen worked to ease the very mild discomfort that only lasted two days. 

I would recommend Dr. Seckin to anyone suffering from intense pelvic pain and discomfort. Especially to young girls who often suffer in silence, like I did for nine years. There are options and procedures that can be taken to relieve pain that is caused by endometriosis. I owe Dr. Seckin and his amazing team my life. He was able to clean me up on the inside and find things that other doctors had overlooked in me for years. He gave me the opportunity to live a normal life for the first time since I was 15-years-old.

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