I had terrible cramps and back pain that kept me home from school

As soon as I got my period in high school, I had terrible cramps and back pain that kept me home from school for at least a couple of days. I was never sure how to handle it; I tried every over the counter prescription but they would all eventually stop working for me. At 18, I went to the doctor and she gave light birth control pills to help ease the pain, but the pain didn’t go away. Not only that but my period was never on time, sometimes I would get it early, sometimes I would get it later than I was supposed to. By the time I reached my 20s skipping work and school was just not an option as much as before. I would go through prescription medication in a couple of months that should have lasted several months to a year.  It came to a point that I was afraid of getting my period due to the intensity of the pain. My doctor put me on a different birth control but that wasn’t working, so she told me to try different ones until I would find something that would work. That wasn’t something I was interested in doing. She didn’t give me an option to get to the source of the issue but just a way to cover up the pain.

After asking around other women who also suffered from endometriosis, they said that they had laparoscopic surgery by their gynecologist but that it was a bad idea because their doctors didn’t do a great job and they had bad scarring. One friend I spoke to sent me to Dr. Seckin, and said that he has a great reputation and has operated without causing any of the side effects that the other women told me about. So I scheduled an appointment. Dr. Seckin put me at ease and finally answered my questions with answers that finally made sense to me. I felt secure that I finally found the right solution to my pain after all these years.

Laparoscopic surgery for my ovarian cysts decreased my pain by at least 90%. I had no scarring and had an easy recovery. Dr. Seckin’s team was professional and caring and made me feel at ease. The doctor was available before and after surgery to answer any of my questions. Overall, I felt comfortable and informed throughout the process.

Due to the surgery, I am now able to lead a normal life where I am not constantly worried about getting my period or how to handle it. I’m able to take care of the pain with aspirin and not worry about having to change my medication every month.

Thank you again for everything.


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