Excision is the only way

I am a lifelong sufferer of brutal periods.  Heavy, burning pain, large clots, nausea, …you get the idea. In December of 2009 I begged my ob/gyn to remove the painful cyst we had been monitoring for over a year. I simply could not take another month of giving up my life for a full week. Low and behold, the cyst, an endometrioma actually, had fused, twisted and tangled my left ovary, tube and the remainder of the left side of my pelvic cavity together. At the age of 29, I lost my left ovary and tube. My doctor removed the remaining endometriosis as best she could via laparotomy. After an 8 week recovery, I felt much better. Fast forward to 2014 and that familiar burning pain returned, only this time it was on my right (and only) ovary. Ultrasounds revealed another large cyst (suspected endometrioma) that was causing me increasingly more pain each month. My ob/gyn insisted on leaving it alone and that I was “fine” and that the cyst would not be affecting my fertility.  Additionally, she said that due to the size of the cyst I “shouldn’t be in that much pain”.   As someone with 2 graduate degree’s in science, I spent my time pouring over medical journals and case studies regarding the most effective treatment for endometriosis pain, and preservation of my fertility. My research led me to locating an excision specialist, Dr. Seckin. I had excision surgery with Dr. Seckin in March of 2015. I had advanced endometriosis removed in 18 places, including my appendix, intestines, ovary, and uterus. It turns out that the cyst was the least of my problems! Dr. Seckin was wonderful throughout my experience. It was a wonderful feeling to sit and speak with a doctor who understands and believes the pain and symptoms you are experiencing. I am 6 weeks post-op and have a sense of quiet calm in my abdomen that only a woman with endometriosis pain would understand. It is truly amazing. When I read my pathology report in Dr. Seckin’s office, I could not believe that the man sitting in front of me had the skill to remove that extent of tissue through the tiny, almost non-existent scars on my stomach. Excision surgery is the only way to treat this debilitating disease. Because of Dr. Seckin I have no more burning, no more pulling, no more nausea, and no more looking at my calendar to schedule my life around my cycle.  I am grateful I found him and would recommend him to any woman suffering from this disease. 

By M. Wilson

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