Endometriosis for many years, severe abdominal and back pain with my periods

I have been suffering from Endometriosis for many years, severe abdominal and back pain with my periods. Because of the heavy bleeding, I became very anemic, always feeling sick, several visits to the emergency room with no help.

I have had 5 surgeries, Ovarian Cyst surgery every 2 years, I was tired, my body, my mind my entire being was exhausted from all this. I was so worried for my child and husband because I was so sick all the time.
Then, I googled best endometriosis doctor and Dr. Seckin Name popped up. I read all his reviews and I decided to make the call for an appointment, it was the best thing I ever did!

Dr. Seckin is a god sent, I can’t say enough words of gratitude to him for what he has done for me, I met him in March and we made the decision for surgery, I wanted the earliest date possible and Kim was able to set me up for April 21st. Kim, Brittany, and Lucy who works in DR Seckin office are the best! They are so helpful and treat you like family. That’s how I feel every time I walk into Dr _Seckin office “Like Family”

Dr. Seckin gave me his Cell phone number just if I had any questions, he will answer, he is so kind and caring, I knew I was in good hands, the day before my surgery he called me and put my nervous mind at ease. On the day of the surgery, I got to Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr.Seckin met me before I went in for Surgery, met my Morn and Aunt and give me a big hug! My surgery went fine, I stayed overnight and was discharged the next day.

I must say a special Thank you to the Supporting surgical Team at Lenox Hill, they were all so nice and friendly, I didn’t even feel I was going for Surgery!

It’s been 5 weeks since my surgery and I feel like a new person, I am back to work and getting back to my normal self after a long time.
To Any one Suffering From Endometriosis and you reading my testimony, don’t hesitate to call Dr.Seckin, he is the Best! you will be happy you did, take it from me who suffered,

I wish I had found him earlier.

Thank you, Dr. Seckin !!!

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