Thank God for Dr. Seckin!

Dear Dr. Seckin,

I am a proud father of four children – two wonderful boys and two fabulous girls.  My youngest daughter, a college student, had developed endometriosis. We did not know what it was until she was diagnosed with it by her local gynecologist. Before we had heard about you, we had consulted with her local doctor about her condition, but we were not comfortable nor were we confident with what he had told us, and we left his office with a negative and puzzled feeling. His staff wasn’t helpful either because they did not complete all the required testing, etc. On the contrary, they were quite unprofessional with the way they dealt with their patients, so we decided to search for a specialist in endometriosis.

We went online and found you, Dr. Seckin, and thank God for that! We immediately called your office and made an appointment to come and see you, and we believe that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by your pleasant staff, and anxiously awaited to visit with you in your office. You were extremely accommodating and open with us. We felt very comfortable with you and we felt like we’ve known you for a long time, especially because you have displayed your passion, care and attention for my daughter. You diagnosed her and explained her condition to us thoroughly enough that all our questions were answered. For that, we are extremely grateful. You literally guided us from the beginning to the conclusion of the surgery and the recovery process. You had assured us that everything would be okay, and that there is no need to worry. That in itself is a sign of a bonafide doctor.

As soon as we had left your office, we went over to your secretary to schedule an appointment for surgery for the following week. Sure enough, the following Friday, we arrived at Lenox Hill Hospital for surgery, and you came out to greet us in the waiting room and assured us again that she will be just fine. I believe you spent about three hours or so in the operating room, and you performed a successful surgery, exactly like you had anticipated, revealing an aggressive case of endometriosis that evidently spread in and around the ovaries.

Thank you for all you did for my daughter, and your approach in putting us at ease not just as a professional who is extremely skilled at what he does, but one whose personality, talent and professionalism have been demonstrated to fullfill the needs of his patients. My daughter is my life, and you are an angel from heaven. Once again, Dr. Seckin, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for my daughter.  She feels so much better now, and she’s very happy.

I’d like to recommend any patient who has an endometriosis issues to come and consult with you, you are a great man and a special doctor because you’re undoubtedly are the best.

Please feel free to refer anyone to us who may want our feedback and opinion.

Once again, thanks for a job “well done.”

Gratefully yours,

Riad A.

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