Dr. Seckin Presents at the Harvard Club in New York City

Tamer Seckin, MD at Harward Club
Dr. Tamer Seckin

Dr. Tamer Seckin gave a presentation entitled Essentials of Endometriosis Surgery at the Harvard Club of New York on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. The meeting organized by the New York Gynecological Society was attended by a select group of doctors and writers.

Dr. Seckin described endometriosis as a chronic burn wound that never heals. He stressed that there is always more to see than what first appears.

Seckin said that he and his multidisciplinary team of experts excised more than 25,000 specimens between 2008 and 2021 at Seckin Endometriosis Center. He also talked about the challenges associated with diagnosis since “there are no biomarkers and no imaging techniques that can identify the disease for sure”, underscoring the importance of biopsies.

Dr. Seckin explains the cause of endometriosis

Endometriosis being born
Endometriosis Being Born

Moving on to the cause of endometriosis, Dr. Seckin said that Sampson’s theory of retrograde menstruation is no longer a theory but a fact. Together with stem cell activity, it can explain how the disease develops, he said.

Dr. Seckin’s presentation included some striking surgery images. In one particular image, Dr. Seckin showed how endometriosis is “born” in the peritoneum. He also described the key estrogen-dependent mechanisms of the disease.

Lesion visualization

Dr. Seckin then reminded everyone of his Aqua Blue Water Contrast technique, which facilitates the visualization of every endometrial lesion. “The Japanese use it too,” Dr. Seckin said, “for retinal surgery”.

Then he moved on to describe the differences between excision and ablation surgery. Cold excision allows healthy tissue to stay intact and heal, he said.

He also touched on thoracic endometriosis, a very rare type of endometriosis and one of his areas of expertise. He described the case of a patient who had had 17 surgeries due to pneumothorax before finally receiving a diagnosis of thoracic endometriosis.

Dr. Seckin finished his presentation by mentioning complications associated with endometriosis surgery. These are in the range of 10% in case of deep infiltrating endometriosis and usually less than 1% in laparoscopic surgery, he said.

“Ending endometriosis starts at the beginning,” Dr. Seckin said at the close of his presentation. He stressed, once again the importance of early diagnosis.

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