Christine’s Endometriosis Story

My experience with Seckin Endometriosis has been life-changing. From the moment I picked up the phone and scheduled my initial consultation, to my first office visit, then to my excision surgery and hysteroscopy, and post-operative care, Dr. Seckin and his team have by far exceeded all my expectations and renewed my faith that highly knowledgeable and caring physicians with a passion for treating endometriosis do in fact exist!

After my first endometriosis surgery failed to give me any symptom relief, I was somewhat jaded and skeptical regarding endometriosis treatment. I had my doubts that a second surgery could actually help me. Upon meeting with Dr. Seckin and his team, I immediately knew that this time around would be different. I was quickly put at ease by their unsurpassed expertise regarding endometriosis and the approach they take to excision surgery. I didn’t feel like just a “number” or that we were in a rush to do surgery. Dr. Seckin and his team spent ample time with me, listening to my history and concerns, and came up with a treatment plan that was specifically tailored to suit my needs. The office staff was so friendly and accommodating, I never felt like a bother when I called with questions and I looked forward to seeing their smiling faces at each office visit (Dr.Seckin’s team – you ladies are amazing!). By the time my surgery day approached, Dr. Seckin and his team had walked me through the entire procedure and I had the utmost trust and confidence in them as my surgeons. They were able to adequately excise over twenty endo lesions, remove adhesions, and address my arcuate uterus (Dr. Seckin and his team are the only physicians I have ever seen who identified and addressed my uterus malformation- other endometriosis specialists I was treated by never even mentioned this). The staff at Lenox Hill Hospital (where they perform their surgeries) was wonderful as well- I was kept comfortable from admission to discharge.

I am currently two months post-surgery, and I feel like I have been given a second chance at life! My days are no longer ruled by crippling pain, and I can enjoy my time with my husband and loved ones. Words cannot express the gratitude and closeness I feel towards the Seckin Endometriosis Center.

To any woman out there who thinks they have endometriosis or has been diagnosed and is looking for an endometriosis specialist, please, look no further! You deserve the absolute best care, and that is Dr. Seckin and his team. They can change your life. I am forever grateful.

Thank you again Seckin Endometriosis Center!

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