Chris’s Endometriosis Story

It’s now been nine months since my surgery with Dr. Seckin. I started the process with not much hope, simply going through the motions.  I had previously had surgery with another doctor and although considered successful, the endometriosis implants were back within two years. That surgery had followed years of misdiagnoses (e.g., “just painful periods”) or no diagnosis. From my early teens, I was on the sidelines for several days each month, under a vague explanation of “that time of the month” or just not feeling well. Feeling somewhat sick became a part of my identity.  I felt both relieved and cheated when a reproductive endocrinologist (the second I had seen) finally made the diagnosis: how validating it was to have someone name the source of my pain and infertility, yet how infuriating that nobody else had taken the time to really listen to me.

Dr. Seckin was the second doctor in my journey that really listened. Every symptom I named was greeted with a nod and a medical explanation. He was passionate when he spoke and also confident that I was a great candidate for surgery. I left the consult more hopeful than I had been in a long time. Maybe I would be able to be free of back pain and not have to rely on medications to get through certain times of the month. Maybe I would not experience the depression that accompanied the physical pain. This would mean being able to more fully engage in my life, including being a mother to an active toddler (IVF gave me that miracle). 

The surgery itself was surprisingly easy. The recovery from this surgery was much quicker than the previous surgery and I immediately noticed an absence of the previous pain. Post-surgical meetings with Dr. Seckin confirmed the need for the surgery and hope for pain relief. He did not promise miracles but a plan for greater long-term relief.  Due to the longer-term effects of the endometriosis, I may still need IVF to further expand my family and I know I may not always be free of all pain. However, I know that someone out there is passionate about treating endometriosis and has the cutting edge tools to help. 

I am still trying to figure out what “normal” is. For years, I lived with pain that just seemed part of me and “normal”. Nine months following the surgery, I am still free of the majority of the previous pain. I take no medication for pain and no longer wince at facing a period (they are now pain-free) or even just getting up and going for the day (my back used to ache). I feel hopeful and more present in the day-to-day. I am motivated to take better care of myself and feel more energy. 

On a related note, I visited my reproductive endocrinologist (the other doctor who listened to me on this long journey) several months after the surgery for a fertility consult. He was very impressed with the care I received from Dr. Seckin and was in full agreement with him about my treatment plan.

I wish I didn’t have endometriosis but now I feel that I have some allies in pushing back against it. Thank you, Dr. Seckin, for giving me the best shot at feeling good and enjoying the great life I have. I am so glad that I Googled you and then took the leap of faith to put myself in your care.


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