Endo Warriors Launch Party

Endowarriors Launch Party

About Endo Warriors

Endo Warriors is an up-and-coming non-profit whose sole mission is to support women with endometriosis.

The founders, Jill Feursich, Nicole Malachi, and Jordan Davidson, through their own profound understanding of endometriosis, saw there was a gaping hole in the needs of the community in terms of support.

They started Endo Warriors to provide a safe place for women to talk about their fears, their pain, and everything else that comes with battling with this chronic and pervasive disease on a daily basis.

They currently run a support group in New York City as well as one in New Jersey. Their dream is to one day have an Endo Warriors support base in every city around the world.

They also have started an Endo Buddies program, which pairs Endo Sisters from around the world. The goal of that program is for everyone struggling with endometriosis to at least have one person in their life there to support and understand them until they have access to a support group.

Endo Warriors started with simply a few people hanging out in one of the co-founder’s apartment. It is quickly picking up speed and gaining more attention from the endometriosis community. They have even been a special part of the upcoming Million Woman March for endometriosis and recently participated in The Endometriosis of America‘s Nurses Conference.

The launch party of Endo Warriors

This week they hosted a fabulous launch party to celebrate their new website. The evening was full of great food, drinks, and enthusiastic chatter amongst endometriosis patients and their loved ones. There were four guest speakers, who along with the co-founders, engaged the energized crowd.

I was incredibly honored to be one of them. We all testified to the prevalence of isolation amongst endometriosis patients. We also talked about the importance of having a support network of empathetic, compassionate people.

Dr. Datta, a gynecologist specializing in endometriosis, spoke about how many medical professionals still misunderstand the disease. Dr. Wilson, a psychologist who works regularly with endometriosis patients as part of a multi-disciplinary team lead by Dr. Seckin, spoke of the emotional impact endometriosis has. My Endo Sister Rachel Cohen and I presented a patients’ perspective on what Endo Warriors has meant to us.

I met so many incredibly strong women last night. I was touched to hear their stories. No matter how sick, swollen, or fatigued, everyone made an effort to get dressed up and to show up. This is not an easy task for an endometriosis patient.

The co-founders have always had this dream of having a free night out for ladies with endometriosis where they can eat, drink, and be with another in a positive space. They worked hard to make last night happen and it was such a successful event. I left feeling strong, empowered, and with a full heart. The co-founders made each one of us feel so special and welcomed. I felt like a valued and accepted part of an incredible community. Thank you to the co-founders for a job well done. I have no doubt this is only the beginning of the incredible difference they will make in this community.

My speech

Here is my speech from last night! There was no light in the room, so it is very hard to see, but the audio is clear! After having extensive surgery with four different surgeons to remove my endometriosis only three weeks ago, it felt amazing to be there! In my speech, I talked about my surgery with Dr. Seckin and how I got through it all thanks to my infertility and Endo Sisters.

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