EndoFound’s ROSE Project Tackles the Cause and Cure of Endometriosis

EFA’s ROSE Project tackles cause and cure of endometriosis
EndoFound’s ROSE Project tackles the cause and cure of endometriosis

Thanks to the Endometriosis Foundation of America’s ROSE project, exciting things are happening for endometriosis patients at the North Shore LIJ Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. Co-founder of the EFA Padma Lakshmi talks about how her own personal suffering with the disease led her to start the foundation with excision surgeon Dr. Tamer Seckin, the first doctor to ever put a name and a cause to Padma’s suffering. The EndoFound devotes itself to public awareness, patient advocacy, and of course research.

Padma states:

“Without research, we are just flailing in the dark.”

Dr. Seckin adds:

“Endometriosis is probably the least researched subject in women’s health care in America!”

Both Padma and Dr. Seckin were thrilled when the accomplished Dr. Peter Gregersen came on board to study endometriosis with the support of the EFA and the Feinstein Institute.

Dr. Gregersen has great hope that he will be able to make strides in endometriosis research. He passionately feels that endometriosis “is a disease we can understand.  It just has not had the kind of sustained attention in terms of basic research that many other common diseases have.” He also stresses that “philanthropic individuals are critical to the progress.”

Imagine having a cure for endometriosis or a medicine that can treat endometriosis without causing devastating side effects? Imagine a vaccine against this disease so our daughters do not have to suffer with it or identifying genetic markers that can lead to early diagnosis?

Learn more about the ROSE project and how you can participate on the EndoFound webpage. You could also donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or any donation to the ROSE project.

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