Dr.Seckin did an amazing job with both surgeries

My name is Jessica Domashevich, I am 29-years-old. I came to Dr. Seckin with the understanding that I was suffering from the post-ablation syndrome. I was told by my doctor that I was going to need a hysterectomy and that was my only option. I decided to go see Dr. Seckin for another opinion.  He sent me for an MRI only to find out that the issue I was having was not exactly post-ablation syndrome. Yes, it was a complication due to the ablation, but it was not a common problem that he has seen before. Dr. Seckin sat me down in his office and explained exactly what was going on and then went over my options. He was the only doctor willing to perform a procedure to try and save my uterus. He explained that he couldn’t guarantee that it would be a success, but at my young age, I should give it a try before moving forward with a hysterectomy. Though the procedure was not successful and I did need to get a hysterectomy shortly after, Dr. Seckin did an amazing job with both surgeries. I would not have felt comfortable in any other hands. Because of him, I have barely any visible scars and I am back to living my life pain-free! 

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