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Christine’s Endometriosis Story

Christine’s Endometriosis Story After my first endometriosis surgery failed to give me any symptom relief, I was jaded and skeptical regarding endometriosis treatment.

Lara’s Endometriosis Journey

Lara’s Endometriosis Journey I cannot count the number of times those words flew from my mouth. Inevitably, by the time I uttered this final cry for help

Unbearable pain and nausea

Unbearable pain and nausea Dr. Seckin lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and has allowed me to begin a new chapter in my life. Thanks to Seckin Endometriosis Center

Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s Story My name is Michelle S. and I am 38-years-old. I've suffered from severe endometriosis since the age of 15 (I believe)

Patient Reviews

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